“Patience in the face of suffering”

First sensible book on chronic anxiety by Paul David:

I can remember the therapist’s first words to me. He said: ‘Paul, you will never get better until you stop trying to get better‘ This statement made no sense to me at the time, but over the next few months, it was to be the very statement that helped me recover. It meant more to me than anything anyone else had ever said to me in the previous ten years.

Here is something that takes patience but more than that, it takes a trust in something bigger, someone more powerful than ourselves. After all how could we say, it’s OK I will stop trying to relax and just leave it to…  who?

Well how about this from William Bridge in 1649:

If your discouragements begin to rise and press upon you, check yourself, and say, Why should I multiply thoughts without knowledge? why should I tire out my soul with these thoughts? am I able to add one cubit to my spiritual stature? am I, by all my anxiety, able to alter my condition? yea, does not my anxiety set me at a farther distance from the mercy desired? The truth is, the only way to lose the comfort desired, is to be solicitous about it. As the only way to have an outward blessing is to be content to go without it: so the only way to have a spiritual or outward affliction removed, is to be contented that it should be continued, if God and Christ will have it so. But you say you must have your affliction immediately removed, and you must know that you are in the state of grace and a child of God, or else you will be discouraged.  As the bird in the net, the more it strives the more it is entangled; so with you also. Wherefore if temptations, afflictions, and desertions come, and Satan join with them, and say unto your soul , This we ever be, answer; Well, but I therefore believe the contrary, because thou sayest so, Satan, who art a liar; yet if God will have it so, I am contented, I leave it to Him. Whether I shall ever be in this condition or not, is not my question, but now, O Lord, let me serve Thee; that is all my desire; let me see Thee as Thou pleasest, when Thou pleasest. I have done, Lord, I have done. I have been questioning and questioning my condition these many years; I see there is no end of that; yea, the more I do, the more I may; I get nothing by it; why, therefore, oh, my soul, should I wear out myself with this kind of anxiety?

This sounds similar but now with God explained!  This is all excellent advice – I would be wise to take it!

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Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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