Bank Holiday Week

Quick catch up for the Bank Holiday weekend just gone.  Friday was good, funny how the afternoon seems to catch me up now as well as the early morning.  The plans for the weekend were fulfilled:

Saturday: Prayers then LBCT theatre. We did a quick shop at Tesco then headed off to London to watch an open-air production of A Midsummer Nights Dream.  Absolutely poured with rain but we sat through until the end at about 10:00 and then scooted back up the motorway to our beds.

Blackmore parish churchSunday: Sally and I went to Blackmore to see Neil and Trina. Played for the worship then went back for lunch. Wonderful time, not too nervy though the distance from home made me a bit anxious.  Popped out to the village church and listen to Brandenburg 4 – very good indeed. Back home for the evening in good time.

Monday: Weather didn’t allow grass cutting so we stayed indoors a lot and we had Sally’s mum & dad round to see the kittens. Nice tea and a film in the evening

Tuesday: Back to work, LBCT theatre in the evening.

Wednesday: Abi arrived at 20:45 on train from Glasgow. Sally saw Macbeth in Globe

Thursday: Worked at home in the end because PC was broke badly!

So a week trots on, each day the sun rises and sets and we talk and work and eat and sleep and wonder what it is all teaching us. We have ambitions and memories, we are young, we are old we are middle aged!  If we are merely here like the wild flowers and then gone, how sad we are and of all men to be pitied.  This is our lot, don’t question why but be open to the sum of all things and grow closer to God at His pace not ours:

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hiddenthing, whether it is good or evil.

And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.”

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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