Crossing the chasm

Stepping out in faith

A man is walking along a path. Behind him the ground is disappearing, suddenly he comes to the edge of a vast chasm.

He sees that at some point he has to cross this chasm but he can’t be sure what is on the other side, the easiest thing to do is to turn aside and walk parallel to the edge – but not so close that he can see the deep drop with darkness at the bottom. Sooner or later he will run out of hard land and he must face the chasm, he may even accidentally slip over the edge before then!

He knows everyone has had to step off the cliff sooner or later. Many have already, many have yet to face it.  No one knows for sure what is on the other side except there are rumours that one man did cross the chasm without  falling and perishing.

Some say they can hear that man sometimes calling from the other side but most think it is just their imagination. His own grandfather stepped off the edge certain that he would not perish and would meet that man, but he remembers how he just vanished,  so he can’t be sure what happened to him.

As he walks along he calls out to see if the mystery man can hear him.  To his surprise he hears a voice  directly behind him answering.  “I am here, don’t worry, walk along with me and when the time comes I will take you across the chasm”

It’s a true story!

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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