The Smoulderings


After the fire...

Have you ever been through times in your life that felt like a forest fire? Will the fire rages you can hardly see from one day to the next. Eventually the raging fire dies down and though the forest still smoulders, yet there is peace and some freedom from the inferno’s danger.

The noise and intensity of the screeching, unanswered questions that racked your mind fade; but is that because they have been answered or because their urgency has been blunted?

Now you look at folk walking across the earth in a daily pursuit of daily pursuits but how many stop to ask the massive “Why?” questions? They are the questions that no-one seems bothered about.  Why are things the way they are and why should I wake each day and pursue my pursuits? Why do we strive, sing, stumble and stay?

Some say “There doesn’t have to be a reason, does there?”

Really, really? –  So if there is no reason for it all then does this not affect how we live, or why we live?  What do all our achievements look like from the grave? What do all our joys mean to us centuries from now?  Why do we build and hope and prepare. Why do we act as if we are heading somewhere, or are we just marking time in this great cosmos until the day our carbon rejoins the empty nothingness?

But suppose that there is indeed a reason, then everything has purpose, meaning and hope, even the terrible bits. If the story is told already, we have the answer to every ‘why?’ And so here is the end of the matter, when all in life is considered, all has been heard and we have to fear God and seek from him the answers to the urgent questions while the forest smoulders.

To place our life, our future, our existence in the hands of ‘the reason’ is surely the one meaningful thing we may do here on earth?

I will seek you with all of my heart,
I will trust you with all of my life,
I will hope in all that you say,
For you are my Lord

I will give you my hopes and my dreams,
I will fix my thoughts on your word,
I will speak of all you have done for me,
For you are my Lord

For you are the rock on which I stand,
And you are the friend who holds my hand,
And you are the bright morning star,
The light in my darkest hour.

Matthew Lockwood © Copyright 1997 New Life Music

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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