Wednesday – Back to Glasgow!

So after 3 weeks Abi trails back up north to Glasgow. Her flight left at 7:40 and by 9:30 she was back safe and sound.

A lot has happened in theses 3 weeks, not least the Government changing! It is strange how sometime days roll past quite quickly and we don’t even notice them ticking away, and sometimes the days go slowly and we notice every second. So which is best; to peacefully pass through our time without excess of emotion or to risk the lows in order to feel the highs?  Which is really ‘being alive’?

Anyway, here are a few videos of the kittens that have played such a leading role in the family these past three weeks:

Video of kittens 1

Video of kittens 2

Video of kittens 3

Video of kittens 4

Daft kittens!

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Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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