Fear of the Lord

Bad week but today there is a break in the clouds, so Neil asked me to elaborate on the tail end of last post = Fear of the Lord is smart and therapeutic.

I think that anxiety, grief and depression are all based on fear. Is this correct?Well it does it for me. Anxiety is the fear in anticipating an event or situation.  Grief is fear of coping with a loss, and depression is fear of coping with what the future might or might not bring, fear of losing the meaning, purpose and joy of living. It’s the fear that brings the physical pain inside.

So surely ‘Fear of the Lord’ just one more fear to add to the list!

The phrase comes a lot in the Proverbs which are God’s handbook for healthy and hardy living, the key is our appreciation of who it is we are fearing.

The LORD is the ‘I am’ of the universe, the star-maker God of time and space, He is outside and everywhere within the cosmos – He is unchallenged and sovereign. But He is also love, mercy, patience and graciousness. He isn’t a tardy, tetchy  God of touchy temperament who throws His weight about arbitrarily – and so living in fear of him is being in as safe a place as you could imagine!

How does this actually feel? If we love God and fear him we find that He loves us and cares for us, and He honours his promises.  When life is really tough and each day drips pain and agony on our souls, surely it is only God who is going to bring complete healing. Fear and faith is where this starts. I believe to receive. Hear me O Lord for your own sake.

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2 Responses to Fear of the Lord

  1. neil says:

    Helpful comments Dave, I would balance it with Lewis saying that Aslan is not safe but he is good, which amounts to the same thing. If fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, then it must be a strengthening kind of fear – a fear that draws strength from an unsafe, gracious and good God – who gave us his ALL that we might have hope.

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