If I was God…

Oxford Country Garden

Country Garden

Sitting quietly and peacefully in a beautiful Oxfordshire garden, maybe for the first time since 29th May (not that I’m counting, clearly!)  It gave me lots of time to think. I thought perhaps if I was God I might do things differently?

First I think I would make it clear to everyone that I existed and thus leave no doubt in peoples minds.

Second I would stop all pain and suffering and make sure there was no evil or wickedness in the world.  I guess I would have to stop people dying in order for that to happen.

Third I would have to somehow replace this universe with one that would never wear out.

Finally, once all was perfect, I would want to enjoy this perfect world with all the people in it.

Wait a minute – that’s what God is planning anyway. It’s just that I am impatient! What a daft idea, that I could even begin to imagine how to be God or what to do.  If I was serious I would either:

a) behave like a human being (since I am one) or

b) do what God has already declared, since all I know about God is what He has already told me. I have no real work experience as God neither could I begin to understand the first thing about running the cosmos.

And so as I sat I understood that God is better at being God than anyone else, that he has his own timetable, that he knows the beginning and the end and that actually I am best and happiest when He is God and He is MY God.

I read of trapeze artists. Apparently there are two roles, the leaper and the catcher. The leaper has to do nothing more than let go and fly through the air, it is the catcher’s job to grab the leaper. If the leaper tries to be caught all will fail.

For me the God that made the worlds, the bumble bees and who died for me is there to catch me sooner or later. I will trust him to the very end.

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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