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Les Miserables at 25

Les Miserables at 25

What a weekend!

Saturday we ran two showings of Pirates of Penzance and cleared the theatre by 11:00. These shows can be quite tiring but the weekend didn’t end there we had big plans for Sunday.  For some reason our humble little childrens theatre had been invited to take part in the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables (see here). For many hard core Les Mis fans this would be the concert of the century – and we were part of it with our names in the programme!

Sunday started in the rain with the coach late and lost, but eventually we arrived at the O2 arena and almost immediately we were rehearsing surrounded by the big guns, Colm Wilkinson, Patty Lapone, Matt Lucas, Michael Ball, Lea Salonga, Nick Jonas etc.  I asked a chap who the orchestra was and it turned out this was the guy that wrote the show, Alain Boublil!

After lunch we were able to sit and watch the whole matinee. There were 150 in the choir, 50 in the orchestra and 4 ‘companies’ – The Queens Theatre cast, the Barbican cast, the stars of the concert and then at the end the original 1985 cast.  The finales and encores at the end with fireworks etc. was unbelievable!

Even the coaches being 2 hours late and arriving home at 1:30 didn’t dampen the thrill that we all felt.

I tried to share this excitement at work but I’m afraid no-one had really heard of Les Miserables (neither had the bus driver). I thought that was odd because it seems you either really really love it and are excited by it and are thrilled to share it or otherwise you really don’t get it at all.  Describing it is not enough, one has to see it for themselves.

Bit like the gospel, really?

Oh, and for those who understand – this was one of the best things the world could offer by way of excitement, passion and splendour, but ‘”No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what has been prepared…

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