We are looking at the life and lessons of King David at church. Here’s a couple of thoughts that Dale Ralph Davis comes up with to encourage us.  What is your impression of David, good man or ill?  Do you see in him the heart that seeks God?

1. On the death of the priests “The people of God may be put down but never put out; the Lord does not promise that we will never die for the kingdom of God, but that the Kingdom of God will never die.  ‘There shall be always a church on earth to worship God according to his will'”  Love or hate us Christians but we will never go away!

2. David enjoys clear and specific guidance from God. You might say “I see that and it’s all very nice, but I don’t receive that kind of precise, direct guidance that David did.”  Neither do I! – Because I don’t need it. I’m not the chosen king. It does my ego no damage to concede that David’s function in salvation history is far more crucial than mine.

All good stuff!

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