The Great Yearning

YearningDo you never feel it? That there is more – that life isn’t rolling the same way we were meant to be travelling?

Stop for a few moments and look around at where we all are. Life across this sapphire planet is full of contradictions.

We spend our strength growing up to be able to take on responsibility and to provide, only to end up losing both as old age saps our strength.

Consider how the greatest moments in life are set in frames of vanity.  You wait in hope of something – it arrives – you revel in it but you know it cannot last, nothing lasts. Even in the midst of joy there is gentle despair.

Your greatest relationships never seem to quite bring the level of comfort and trust that you want and imagine they should. They blossom and fade with all human seasons.

We talk about our legacy but we never see it. Our clock runs backwards all our lives until the coil is loose and the ticking stops.

And yet, and yet – we know all this to be true. Why does it feel wrong, and what horizon do we sense deep in our souls that we never reach? You see the question is, how do we realise that something is wrong, something is spoiled and that despite all our efforts we cannot fathom it.

If we are just products of evolution then we would have had millions of years to get used to the fact that we are merely here to pass on our genes. So how come life’s paradoxes irritate us?

You look at a poor sufferring child with a terminal desease and you know it is not meant to be like this.  You see starving millions from over the top of your TV meal and you know it is not meant to be like this.  Thousands die in a single bombing flight, seemingly just born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This great yearning pulls at our imagination and begs us ask whether there is something more, something bigger, something greater.  Our souls seem instinctively to know that if we could just find the way then we would find the answer and eternity itself would unravel its mysteries before us.

Bless you if this life is bothering you right now. Bless you if existence is hard and provides no answers, because you are starting to see clearly for the first time.

Time to stop pretending that this is home and start out on the pilgramage!


About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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