The Jubilee 03/06/12

Just returned from London where we waited hours to catch a glimpse of the queen, which we did. It was something we had planned to do for a while so I’m glad we didn’t chicken out. It will be nice to tell the grandchildren that we saw the Queen on her 60th anniversary and saw the largest flotilla for 350 years. Some comparisons inevitably come to mind:

1. We stood for ages in anticipation of seeing our monarch fully aware that we would only catch a fleeting glimpse if that.  When her boat appeared we all shouted and waved, it was a kind of worship or at least a celebration.  Question is, how excited does the church – how excited do I get at the prospect of seeing my sovereign lord?  He is more excellent, more powerful, more personal and has sat on the throne for 2,000 years. Can you even begin to imagine how thrilling it will be when he returns!

2. There was a wonderful spirit amongst the crowd. Sharing, smiling and chatting. One key thing had brought us together and levelled us, we generally felt a warm bond, a sort of fellowship together.  Question is, how intense is the fellowship of believers in Jesus?  Does our love for him make us soften and warm to each other? As fellow worshippers, do we resolve our sharing to such an extent that folk recognise us for it?  No-one could mistake the reason for the crowd today, all Union Jack’d up – so when we are seen can folk see what we are ‘dressed up’ for?

3. As the day progressed, so did the intensity of the rain.  As we walked along the embankment there on the ground were rain-sodden periscopes lying on the ground awaiting the road-sweeper.  Many flags which minutes earlier had been waved in joy were being trodden into the gutter.  When our jubilee year arrives the aftermath will not be ‘business as usual’ but a searing wave of liberty and life for all creation. Instead of the rain and work on Wednesday will come such beauty and rest and joy and fulfilment as will make the shadow fade completely away!

In the meantime – God bless her richly, as she is a blessing to us all!

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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