Man of Sorrows

Man of SorrowsMan of Sorrows
Have I the time to stop and see the terrors He endured for me?
Will the images of cold, hateful eyes that bored into the author of joy
Bring me tears as though I could feel the pain
Of slicing the vein of sacrifice and love’s mercy to destroy
The gift that he was to a world he sought to gain?

And as He strained under the unjust load
And as he chose to walk the road
Marked with sorrows and griefs he showed that this was all for me
To call me loved and set me free
Trading calm joys and fame for a cross of shame that my healing owed

Now does my life declare that in my heart I see me there?
Or do I play at faith, and worship, and prayer?
Seeking to impress my friends instead of bending my heart and ending the game
That we play to avoid the shame of being found alone on that day?
Lord break my life, and allow the strife of your sorrows to fill me
With tears of pure love and joy as we seek you in your way.

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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