Deeper blue


Deeper blue

2013 to 2014. A time to reflect, time to peer into the future, time to stand still for a while and look around ourselves. There are bright and dark memories of 2013 and some make us smile while some bring us tears.
Then, we look at where we are heading  we see similar shades on our horizon. Fears for the future, some excitement also. We wonder if we have done well and if we will do well. We wonder what has remained constant and whether it will stay that way.
Over Christmas I walked our dogs under a clear passion-blue sky and saw that the blue ran deeper the higher you look up. And I know that the closer you get to heaven the more intense is the colour. So I already know what is my solid ground for 2014. The closer I live towards my Lord, the deeper and more passionate is my future. I’ll head in that direction next year.
May your days ahead also be filled with a deeper and more deeper royal blue!

About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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