Home no more home to me


Will Scotland vote for independence?  I am struck by the even match of the facts on both sides of the debate, perhaps this is why the polls say it will be a very close call. But I believe the YES vote will win tomorrow and it won’t be as close as predicted. The feeling of excitement in the yes camp is illustrated by the use of language. ‘Hope’,  ‘opportunity’, ‘adventure’, ‘bright’ are words that adorn the passions of the vision of independence. All the no camp has to offer is ‘fear’, ‘worry’, ‘nervous’, ‘danger’.  It is the rhetoric of Barak Obama’s rise to power. It was the rhetoric of Tony Blair and also of Margaret Thatcher.

It really didn’t turn the world upside-down then and I doubt the rainbows in the sky will have large pots of gold at the end this time either.

My personal feeling is one of sadness.  My father-in-law came south from Nigg and lived a good life in England, which despite his yearning for the ‘Quickening’ he came to call home. My daughter now calls Glasgow home.  All the places we have been to in Scotland and still called home will feel to me like they have moved away. Yes I know they will still be there but if everyone else is allowed to be emotional over this then so am I.

To quote a rather well known Scotsman:

Home was home then, my dear, full of kindly faces,
Home was home then, my dear, happy for the child.
Fire and the windows bright glittered on the moorland;
Song, tuneful song, built a palace in the wild.
Now, when day dawns on the brow of the moorland,
Lone stands the house, and the chimney-stone is cold.
Lone let it stand, now the friends are all departed,
The kind hearts, the true hearts, that loved the place of old.


About David Allsopp

Married, 4 children, Christian, Head of IT
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