We stopped at Joppa when we went to Israel in 2004Welcome to my website.

Many years ago I began a site called “The Gospel Site” which was a mixture of articles and information about myself and other things.  This site has added webblogs of my journey of faith during 2010.

God decrees seasons in life so that we are not always on the high hilltop or the shady valley. 2010 was a journey through the valley, perhaps reading about what I have learned will encourage others.

When all is stripped away, when the rope breaks and the fire rages, we must decide if there is a God and if He is good.  This answer makes all the difference to our journey.  The decision informs all our experiences. For me nothing at all is explained unless God is God and He is good.  He is first pure and powerful and then He is gracious and purposeful. It is not mine to second guess or demand answers. I am created to praise until the light shines and truth and comfort is revealed. Please enjoy reading.


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