Here’s a little information about myself.  I was born in Dunstable in 1963 so I’m no longer young and sprightly, though I guess I have learned a few things along the way. I am the youngest of 4 children. When I left school I spent 3 years at the Royal Academy of Music but then somehow became Head of IT at Car Shops in Northampton! I am  more blessed than I give credit to God for because He healed me in 2002 and gave me an opportunity to serve him which I plan to take advantage of. In 2002 we all joined Hockliffe Street Baptist Church in Leighton Buzzard. I spend a lot of time doing the music at Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre which my wife Sally runs. I also spend too much time on the computer.  Below are some photos of the family and some information:

Here is my wife Sally.  Actually her name is Sarah, but nobody knows that!  This is a rare shot of her stationary because she is always on the go!  She runs the Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre and puts on local shows in aid of Cancer Research throughout the year.  She has loads of pets in the garden.  She is Head of House at our local upper school as well as teaching drama there. I love her lots.

This is my number one son, Owen.  Born in 1986, he is clever and sensitive, even if his politics are a bit radical. He passed a GCSE in Information Technology when he was only 11. He is currently the developer of which is “a local website totally committed and dedicated to encouraging people to shop locally“. He also maintains the Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre site.

Here is number one daughter, Abi.  Born in 1988.  She is always doing things.  Dancing, singing, laughing etc.   Her name means beloved of my father, and she certainly is.  She was baptised on 25th April 2004, it was brilliant. Since then she has been to Cumbria Institute of the Arts and has a B.A. Hons and Glasgow University achieving a Masters in Media Production. She is a media Manager in Scotland. She comes home quite often and is very domesticated which is a bonus!

Here is number two daughter, Elysia.  Born in 1992.  She is the princess and when she was young she had something like 100 Barbie dolls around the house.  As you can see, her smile is one in a million! She is very artistic and very creative, such sensitivity is a glorious thing. She sings in the theatre and has a wonderful soprano voice. She helps in Sunday School and the kids really love her.  She also likes to help her grandfather prepare special Sunday lunches or Christmas lunch.  She is studying Opera at Rose Bruford College.

Here is number three daughter, Jessica.  Born in 1994.  She played Gretel in ‘The Sound of Music’ when she was 5!   She is remarkably intelligent which I assume she gets from me! Her favourite subject at school is history. She supports Liverpool football club, when they are winning. She also sings in the children’s theatre and has taken lead parts e.g. Alice (in Wonderland). She was baptised on 14th Feb 2010, I was in the tank which made it very special indeed.

Here is Muttley, he is our third dog after Rascal and Scallywag.  He is a lively, licky collie crossed with 101 other breeds. He is more intelligent than the last two dogs, but that’s not really saying much. Then again, he is a male!  He keeps me fit by taking me for long walks every morning through the woods and that keeps us both fit. He likes to sleep and chase balls and sleep and chew my slippers.

This humble abode is our home. It is on a quiet street in a quiet village called Heath and Reach. It is about 40 minutes from work in Northampton and it is and 5 minutes from the nearest supermarket. We have lived here since 1992. It is always busy with comings and goings and it is very close to the woods and meadows for walks. We have put a 4th bedroom in the loft which is Abi’s room.

If you are interested my CV is here – Click here to download

2 Responses to Me

  1. Alistair Egginton says:

    Hello Dave excellent blogs. All the things I never knew about the Allsopp family.

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