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Man of Sorrows

Man of SorrowsHave I the time to stop and see the terrors He endured for me?Will the images of cold, hateful eyes that bored into the author of joyBring me tears as though I could feel the pain Of slicing … Continue reading

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Pruning hurts

I am no gardener. I guess I should be an OK gardener because I used to help mum in the garden when I was young and I do have a garden, and I really should spend more time in it. … Continue reading

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The story is still being told

If you thought that Christianity was a museum piece then you could do with reading this paper by Tom Wright. He takes the question of the authority of the Bible and reveals that the story God has been telling through … Continue reading

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Christian Philharmonic

For years I have meant to do this! I love my church and I love orchestral music and many times I have imagined how one reflects the other. I always meant to jot these down so at last here are some. … Continue reading

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O Come let us adore Him

At Christmas we realise how much we are drawn powerfully to Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives. My father wrote a short article about our attitude to the Lord Jesus. Please bear in mind he was part of … Continue reading

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Marriage is perfect

Studying this subject of what Christian Marriage is I came to a powerful conclusion Many folk have many different views on marriage, for example “Marriage is made in heaven….so is thunder and lightning!” It is sometimes said that marriage is ‘someone … Continue reading

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I’m a music geek

In the past I wouldn’t have bothered writing a blog about music especially such a geeky topic as music compression, but here it is. If you read it then you are as geeky about music as me! Don’t listen to … Continue reading

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